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A diantum venustum is one of the most coveted of the hardy maidenhair ferns, one of the great all-time ferns." This dainty semi-evergreen gem is amazingly cold hardy. While slow to get started, Adiantum venustum makes a nice patch to 3' wide in 5-10 years, depending on the quality of soil preparation. Adiantum venustum is a superb, easy-to-grow, deer-resistant, evergreen groundcover for the woodland garden!

Dryopteris x australis (Dixie Wood Fern) - 4'x2'; growth habit is dramatically upright with large, coarse, dark green, semi-evergreen fronds.This is a very structural, deer-resistant fern for the moist woodland garden, eventually making a clump 4'+ tall x 2' wide. Although Dryopteris x australis is very tolerant of dry sites, a nice damp piece of ground will produce really spectacular results. Propagation is limited to division of the clump. (Plant Delights)

Arachniodes simplicior 'Variegata' -- Variegated Indian Holly Fern. You see this sometimes as a houseplant, but it's an easy fern for moist areas in half to full shade. 8-12" tall and 10-16" wide. Always draws admiring guests.