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Go 'green' with the 'No Mow Lawn Grass Seed mix. This ecologically sensible lawn will save you time, water, fuel and money while enjoying a deep green, thick carpet of low growing, fine textured turf. This specially blended mix of six different dwarf Fine Fescue grass varieties has been formulated to provide a very deep-rooted (2-3 feet), dense turf that needs little additional irrigation (except during dry spells without summer rains). Left unmowed, the grass blades create a wonderfully…


5 Low-Water Lawns That Stay Green Under Pressure

Kari. Any experience with any of these? Would they hold up with the kids playing on it?

Slow growing, drought tolerant, grows in just about any soil or light conditions, no need to fertilize or water, grub resistant, weed resistant, dense lawn carpet... what more could u ask for?

Grass mix specifically for hot areas (up to 10). Look forward to trying it this year, see if I can get a nice lawn going "Combat Extreme™ Southern Zone is a 3-way mixture of turf type fescue and Armadillo Hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass which is heat and drought tolerant enough to be used in USDA Zones 8 - 10"

Blue Fescue: Blue fescue are one of the smallest of the ornamental grasses (under 1 foot tall), which makes them perfect for many different uses in the garden. Plant them at the base of leggy shrubs, in masses as a groundcover, in rows as edging, as accents or in containers. Evergreen in all buts its northernmost range, the bluish foliage looks best in early summer. Seed heads turn tan when mature; cut them off to keep plants looking neat. 'Elijah Blue' has powder-blue leaves. Size: 6-10…

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