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Oh wow. Just walk around in a wet shirt. Not like that's going to bring all the girls to tears.

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I swear this still cracks me up!!! I just love Harry's facial expressions!!!! :D his MOM is adorable!

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Still as hot as ever I am forver repinning this because this picture is amazing and everyhting about just perfect and gahh I wish they were that young again

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He's my mom's favorite quote 'He's def. the cutest.' WE ARE MAKIN' PROGRESS HERE MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This made me cry because he was just so young and carefree and beautiful back then and it just madero think back to like the video diarys and I'm crying because he just so hot and oh my gosh

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though major age appearance difference he still has that little crinkle at th top left of his lip and nose when he smirks as shown

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Ed Sheeran in a Captain America shirt, messing with Harry Styles. If you know me at all, you know that this picture is everything I love in life.

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