I've had FMS for 22+ yrs & Polyneurapathy for at least 10. Push-ups, squats - I can barely walk! 15 years ago, I could walk a mile - now, maybe 50' on a good day!

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Pinner says Exercising can be SO PAINFUL with my Fibromyalgia, this has really HELPED to give me a GOOD PERSPECTIVE on my own exercise routine!

LOVE the idea of dieting 'SMARTER NOT HARDER'! Especially having a chronic illness like Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Lupus, RA, Lyme ect. exercising is little to none. So, the 80/20 idea mentioned in this article was a huge relief to me! Weight loss is an incredible challenge since I was diagnosed with FMS, but these 5 tips have really made a HUGE difference for me! LOVE IT♥♥♥ *Pin Now Save For Later ~

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