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German field marshals Hitler


WWI, 1916; Field-Marshal Lord French (1852-1925) inspecting some 10,000 volunteers of numerous London regiments in Hyde Park. ©Illustrated London News/Mary Evans/yooniq


An excellent print from 1936 showing Hitler at the Berlin State Opera on the occasion of commemorating the WW1 German fallen.On the first row, from l to r, Goebbels, Hess, Goering and the octogenarian Field Marshal Mackensen. On the left of Hitler is Field Marshal Blomberg and C-in-C of the Army Werner von Fritsch. Himmler is on the third row to the right, partially obscured.


BRITISH ARMY NORTH AFRICA 1942 (E 15223) Winston Churchill with Field Marshal Smuts and behind, Sir Arthur Tedder (left) and Sir Alan Brooke, at the British Embassy in Cairo, 5 August 1942.


Generaloberst Ferdinand Schörner (center) a die-hard Nazi, was the last field marshal named by Hitler before his suicide and, briefly, the last chief of the German army. After the war, he was imprisoned in the USSR to serve a 25-year sentence, but he was released in 1955. Known as "bloody Ferdinand" and "Hitler's most brutal field marshal," Schorner was briefly jailed in Germany too and died in 1973.


German field marshals German machine gun troops Don River


Field Marshal Erwin Rommel | The Desert Fox ... Field Marshall Erwin Rommel in North Africa in ...