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Figure It Out Meaning

if you spend all your time trying to please someone and they still aren't pleased, if you change everything for them and its still not means they aren't certain. You don't give everything to someone who isn't certain they are all in. if they haven't figured it out by now-- after you have done THAT MUCH to be with them and for them - it s not gonna happen.


always did love you, always will. just won't be the first to say it, is all. anyway, you answer my every email in under 10mins from the other side of the world. so I kinda know you love me too, always did, always will. we'll figure something out sooner or later...wouldn't be the first time. said so yourself. x

from Mail Online

Joy-Anna Duggar has revealed she has entered a courtship

Symbolic meaning: Jeremy and Jinger struggled with the candle ceremony but figured it out...


“'You won't figure out who you really are by pleasing people..' ~ Don Miller / so only say yes to things when you really mean it, and say no when you…” More


“Look up” means “to get information about something from a reference source”. Example: If you can’t figure out what a word means, look it up in the dictionary. Get our apps for learning English:

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Discover More Christ and Less Chaos This Christmas

Want your family to experience the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS? I never thought it was possible until I finally figured out these things...


A good anchor chart that reminds students of different types of context clues they can use to help them figure out meanings of words (direct definitions, examples, synonyms, antonyms, etc.)