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Fijian Recipes

If anyone's wanting very authentic recipes from Fiji, this site has them. I have gone through each of the recipes and they're pretty spot on. It's by far the best site in my opinion; just wish they had some other favourites of mine too. If the person who runs that site reads this, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you; I've made many authentic-tasting and delicious Fijian/Fijian-Indian meals as a result!!


Fijian Cream Buns!!! OMGoodness, the recipe for this is very hard to mimic anywhere else around the world. There is absolutely nothing like the Fijian Cream Bun, I am not even exaggerating. If you ever go to Fiji, you must try them; you won't know yourself after you eat one of these!! They're made by the Hot Bread Kitchen and are simply to die for. If anyone knows of an authentic recipe, I would be so grateful for it! None of the ones on the internet are it (trust me, I've tried most).

from The Travel Tester

Fijian Banana Cake Recipe

Monthly World Food Feature: Fijian Banana Cake Recipe. A party without banana cake in Fiji is like no party at all. Here is the recipe for 20+ people!!


Chicken Curry and Roti

This is a recipe from my Fijian mother; nobody makes it like her! Since she never uses exact measurements, Ive tried to classify them as best as I can. (The roti is a flat unleavened bread that is used to eat the curry). This is definitely spicy and can be quite time consuming to make. However, after growing up with this dish through the years, its worth it. Plus, you can freeze the roti in foil and the curry in individual plastic bags for quick and easy meals during the week!

from Gourmet Getaways

Traditional Fijian Kokoda Recipe

Bula.... Fiji is calling, refreshed and with so many great stories and travel ideas. This Traditional Fijian recipe can be sampled and is taught by the chefs at the Outrigger Resort - Lagoon, Fiji. It was the first resort i stayed at many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. Everyone was so friendly and the food was amazing! And guests can participate in the Outrigger’s Fijian cooking classes’ which teach these awesome dishes.


Fijian Honey Cake

Fijian Honey Cake from Honey Cake is one of the highly popular desserts of Fiji. The cake becomes moister and its flavors deepen a day or two after it is made.


Lolo Buns

Fijian Lolo Buns with coconut milk This is a very common breakfast meal. The bread is spread with butter and/or jam and eaten with a nice cup of tea. Tea is either made from black tea leaves, fresh lemon leaves or "Fiji grass".


Cassava Cake - flourless custardy cake with amazing tropical flavors #gluten-free