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File sort

The Big and Little Pumpkins Sort File Folder Game focuses on basic sorting skills. In this file folder game, students sort pumpkins by size.


These Matching and Sorting File Folder Games are monster themed these monsters are so cute! These games are fun at the beginning of the school year, for monster-themed classrooms, or during the Halloween season. This set includes eight unique file folder games that focus on basic skills!


Sorting winter vs. summer clothes Being able to identify what item goes where is a big deal. For example: If you are sick would you go see the doctor or an artist? Some children may not understand this basic need. Survival or life skills are then most important to teach these children while teaching them literacy, math, and other social skills. Folder activities are great for any student at any learning level.


FREE SANTA CLAUS SORTING FILE FOLDER activity! What does Santa Claus need for his midnight journey around the world? What does Santa Claus want? Just like the boys and girls waiting around the world for Santa's arrival, sometimes Santa asks for things that he may not need, like a new suit, candy canes, or a clear night. This activity is the perfect addition to your holiday file folder collection for sorting and to encourage language skills. Enjoy!


Autism and Special Education Science Sorting File Folders and Worksheets

Download the preview for a free print-and-go activity. Science sorting for functional elementary science in special education. Seven file folder activities with 25 print-and-go activities focused on recycling, electricity, solid/liquid, and living/non-living. $4


These Matching and Sorting File Folder Games are apple themed and are fun for the beginning of the school year or during the fall season. . This set includes eight unique file folder games with three bonus games for differentiation (for a total of 11 games!)