Fili and Kili. Now I have an excuse to watch it again!!! <-- there is always a reason to watch Hobbit. Just because!

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Fili and Kili are my favorite characters in the hobbit!! I mean, just look at the adorableness!!

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Too true. He actually does do this in the movie, in the thunder battle chapter. Do you think that that is WHY the script said that? To show that they really are close?!! XD

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The moment when the door onpens and I was thinking, "Oh crap! Why do they have to die?!?!. Okay, you are NOT going to fall in love." Moments later... "I LOVE Fili and Kili!"

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I know a lot say this is Fili and Kili but it's so hobbity to me and that's why I love it. *hugs*

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Fili and Kili annoying Thranduil. The funniest thing about this to me is 'Not Amoosed'...

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Fili and Kili from the Hobbit, Fili yells grab my hand and Koi can't reach him :(

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Fili and Kili (Gif)...I love that they really thought they were doing something!

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