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Filing Head Of Household

from 101 Days of Organization

How to Finally Get Rid of Paper Clutter - Page 2 of 2

creating simplified + organized personal reference files. The site has moved so I've updated this pin with the address of possibly the original source.

from Valya's Taste of Home

20 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

Find a variety of different recipes pieced together to help ease your Thanksgiving dinner prep anxiety. Most of the recipes on this list can be prepared ahead of time. It will be worth your time, I promise! So I hope these tips will help you enjoy cooking and baking with less hectic and stress as it can make or break your good times.

from Mom with a PREP

How to Create a Family Emergency Binder

Do you have a Family Emergency Binder at home? Do you always mean to put one together but just haven't had time? Here's a resource to find an emergency binder just for you that you can put together quickly - includes fabulous ready-made binders and free downloads.

from Echoes of Laughter

The Absolute Easiest Way To Track, Pay & Organize Your Household Bills...No Filing Involved

Echoes of Laughter: The Absolute Easiest Way To Track, Pay & Organize Your Household Bills...No Filing Involved!

from Penny Pinchin Mom

How to Store Important Documents (And How Long You Need to Keep Them)

I’ve always been good at keeping manuals, receipts and warranties.  I was just always afraid to throw those items away.  While I’ve not really ever needed any of them, there have been ti ...


Kate & Trudy | | Household Finance Series - Part 3 Budgeting // gone are the days of bounced checks and missed bills. Get your household finance binder created with this series. There's a lesson on setting up your binder and establishing the bill pay process!


A Red File is a binder or folder with all your important documents in one place. I keep mine in a fire safe so it is protected from fire but also easily accessible in case I am forced to evacuate, Here are some pictures of a sample Red File and various items that can be included.