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There are many ways you can use these in your class: in a literacy center, early finish box, whole class activity, one a day for morning/bell work… there are so many options! Included in this packet are 32 task cards and an answer key. There are 4 cards per sheet. Simply cut the cards and laminate for continued use. All graphics are from Lovin’ Lit and Luckyfrog Lilypad and are used with permission


the nine muses ll melpomene; muse of tragedy {4/9} MELPOMENE was one of the nine Mousai (Muses), the goddesses of music, song and dance. Melpomene was named named Muse of Tragedy and in this guise she was oft portrayed holding a tragic mask or sword, and sometimes wearing a wreath of ivy and cothurnus boots. Melpomene was so named by the chanting by which she charmed her listeners and derived from the Greek verb melpô or melpomai; her name literally means"to celebrate with dance and song.

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5 cards from 1 design - Paisleys & Posies stamp set (Patty's Stamping Spot)

Paisleys & Posies, Petals & Paisleys, Paisley Framelits... yep, I was getting my Paisleys, Posies, and Petals all mixed up!  If you want to see what I mean, check out pages 46 and 47 in the 2016 Sta


This is Pando, but it isn’t a forest– it’s all one tree. Each trunk of the Quaking Aspen is genetically identical and connected by a single root system that’s at least 80,000 years old, which means it’s one of the biggest and oldest living things on...

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Context Clues Foldable Craftivities and Worksheets (3 files included)

This foldable includes 15 sentences with words like shrewd, lark, and mirthful. It focuses on 5 types of clues: synonyms (restatement), antonyms (contrast), inference, example, and definition. $