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memorize your notes faster before your next test Don't you often wish you could remember your biology notes as good as you can remember the lyrics of a song two days after it came out? Yeah, same. With finals around the corner, there's no doubt that we are all going to need to remember A LOT of information just as well as we are able to recall song lyrics. Luckily, I've compiled a list of things you could do to help you memorize your notes a little bit faster before your next test.


Hey, lovelies! To all of you starting final exams this week, don't forget that God is with you, so you will not fail. Entrust all your knowledge in the Lord and His infinite wisdom will guide you through every final exam, project and presentation. Ask and it shall be given to you. You're not on your own. You are smart and capable. You've studied hard and you will succeed, because you know your strength comes from above.... from a King who holds the entire world in the palm of His Hand. #LTS

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