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Economic and financial analysis is essential in solving many legal and business problems. With the rapid pace of change in technology, financial instruments, and regulatory environments, our clients face challenges that require approaches that are innovative, rigorous, and empirical. We have been directly involved in some of the most significant antitrust and competition, intellectual property, and securities matters in recent years.

Investing In Unregulated Financial Instruments

Credit Cards and their Reward Programs ---- In the modern day world, carrying bank books and check books has become a thing of the past. What is the turn therefore? Virtually, all businesses in all parts of the world are conducting their day to day transactions online. An online transaction cannot be facilitated if solid cash is to be used....


Rich Dad Education is dedicated to elevating the financial well-being of people from all walks of life, by offering you a wide variety of FREE resources to begin your journey to financial freedom

Prosper Centre’s 2016 sportswear // Your body is a precarious financial instrument. Your heartbeat is measured, your choices are monitored and ranked, your future behavior is calculable, monetizable and further looped into existence. You are a mathematical depiction of flows, aggregate data in a continuous present. Get ready for the ultimate transaction.

What kind of Financial Instrument do people prefer for their savings plan? - Survey Report | JAKPAT #infographic #marketresearch


Financial Instrument Pricing Using C++ ( Wiley Finance) (Hardcover)



The Gods Of Dangerous Financial Instruments