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cool Donald Trump's Point Man on Financial Regulation: A Former Regulator Who Favors a Light Touch - Wall Street Journal

from CNNMoney

Donald Trump opposed Wall Street regulations in past interviews

Donald Trump remained relatively silent on financial regulation during his presidential campaign but past interviews reviewed by CNN's KFile show his support for deregulating the financial industry and reveal how a Trump administration may deal with Wall Street.

Why do People Procrastinate? --- 7 common procrastination excuses (and how to beat them)
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Why do People Procrastinate? Beat Procrastination Excuses

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Thom Hartmann: Libertarians are pushing us over a cliff

Thom Hartmann: Libertarians are pushing us over a cliff. We'll get sensible financial regulation, but not until conservative "predators" destroy the economy. This war – the Afghan and Iraqi wars, which I would argue are not so much a result of this economic crisis, they were more strategic and oil wars – those wars were basically volunteer wars. We have a pauper army, to an extent.

from Reuters

UPDATE 1-Romney campaign defends JPMorgan loss as market risk

Romney's campaign said on Tuesday that JPMorgan Chase & Co's huge trading losses were an unfortunate part of a free market economy. Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom told NBC that, while Romney supports some financial regulation, the losses at one of the nation's largest banks involved investors, not taxpayers, and that rules for Wall Street should not hamper investments. So...Morgan wouldn't accept bailout money if it flatlined? Hmm?


WikiLeaks Releases Alleged Clinton Wall Street Speeches In Batch Of Campaign Emails

Wall Street Speeches Don't Differ Much From Hillary Clinton's Public Stances On Financial Regulation : NPR

from The Atlantic

Could Reviving a Defunct Banking Rule Prevent a Future Crisis?

Presidential candidates and politicians are touting Glass-Steagall regulation as a solution to the risks posed by big banks. Experts on financial regulation and economists share their thoughts on bringing it back.

President-elect Donald Trump plans to remake financial regulation, promising to dismantle the 2010 Dodd-Frank law, the response to the financial crisis.

from The Huffington Post

Overturning Citizens United: A Movement Moment

It is no secret that our political system is corrupted by the influence of corporate money in elections. Pick any issue - financial regulation, energy policy, healthcare reform - and its problems can be traced back to unspoken quid quo pro agreements between politicians and their campaign backers.


President-elect Trump is announcing on his website that he will immediately dismantle the Dodd-Frank financial regulations put into place shortly after the 2008 crash and signed into law by Preside…