End of Year Business Review presentation template. For board reports, yearly round up meetings, 2015 company or department review. Summary of company events, key financial data, performance indicators and yearly goals achievement

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365 Day Saving Money Challenge - Variation on the 52 week challenge. Instead of saving big amounts every week, you save pennies every day for a total of $667.95 by the end of the year. Perfect for this who can't make he financial commitment of the 52 week challenge:

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Nike (NKE), together with Adidas, is probably one of the most iconic sport brands in the world, and its brand and name recognition goes a long way to support your sales. Nike’s financial year ends in May 2017, and the company already reported on the financial results in the first half of its financial year.

26-Week / Extra $1,000 by Christmas Savings Plan - Start with $26, End with $1,000 to Buy Christmas Gifts! -

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My Accountant friends remind me of the saying ‘running around like headless chickens’ closer to the date of financial year ending. They look stressed, panicky, desperate, more stressed and very, very tired.

End of Financial Year, End of Fiscal Year, EOFY Party Printable | Creative Sense Co

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I'm quite sure a vast majority of you have seen the "52 week saving plan" on Pinterest . If you've got no idea what I'm talking about; it is this. When I first saw this chart I thought it was a gen...

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You'll learn what information you need to check at the end of your financial year, and how to prepare payment summaries,connect with your accountant online, get your books in order, and enter year-end adjustments.If you're in the building and construction industry.

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