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I May Find My Prince But My Dad Will Always Be My King Sign, Daddy Daughter Sign, Father's Day, Daddys' Girl, Handmade Wooden Sign

I may find my Prince but my Dad will always be my King, Daddy, Daughter, love, Father's Day, Daddys' girl, handmade wooden sign, gift by CambrisCottage on Etsy


One of my favorite memories was waking up to find my dad had stuffed a pre-release copy of Defender under my arm while I slept. My dad worked at Sears, and in the early 80s, they sold a crapload of Atari games and consoles.


"Hi. I'm Oakley.. My mother died about a year ago so now I'm in this god forsaken town to find my dad, Oliver." I smirk a bit. "I am an extremely fun person to be around and I am single so if you want, you can hit me up."

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Someday I may find my prince charming, but my dad will always be my king. #Fathersday idea

Dave Densmore fishes for words -- upon a sea that took his family. "My son and my dad were drowned on my son’s fourteenth birthday,” when they set out in a small boat for a ten-minute cruise on a beautiful day. They disappeared while a birthday cake was baking in the oven for Skeeter. “I found my dad floating the next day,” Dave said, “but I never did find my boy.” Dave Densmore had suffered too much misfortune. Those memories were written on his face. For

I use my boyfriends last name on facebook so people don't find me. My dad found out and accused me of eloping. I didn't, but even if I did he isn't one to talk. He doesn't know that everyone in our family knows.

Happy Father's Day to the best day ever. "My first hero, my first love always my dad. Some people don't believe in heroes, but they haven't met my dad. I may find my prince someday, but my dad will always be my king. Dad I know you've loved me as long as I've lived, but I've loved you my entire life" I love u dad so much and u am sooo thankful u r my dad ♫ Alex G - Alena Made with Flipagram -

"As men we tend to isolate and internalize our feelings and struggles. The communities I've been a part of have helped me through some very difficult times. My dad had a stroke in April and my mom is fighting breast cancer now. I broke down in tears and was welcomed with so much love that I brought that love back to my family. Had I stayed to myself and kept it all in, I would be stagnant and a mess. Through community I was able to breakdown, release, find my voice, and rise back up."

My dad is someone who-wants to catch me before i fall but instead picks me up,brushes me off,and lets me try again. My dad is someone who-wants to keepme from making mistakes but instead lets me find my own way,even though his heart breaks in silence when i get hurt. My dad is someone who-holds me when i cry, scolds me when i break the rules,shines with pride when i succeed,and has faith in me even when i fail…