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Finding materials

Writing the Other is an excellent site that offers a slew of information on writing characters different from you. I found the On-Demand Masterclasses to be incredibly helpful, and have since ordered the book. I recommend at least a quick skim-through to see if there is any info you find helpful in developing your characters!

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Materials, Objects, and Everyday Structures

I want to take this book and make it an "anchor" for the year...because I want my students to really get good at persevering through challenges, being risk takers, and handling frustration well. Great post and includes a freebie to accompany the book!

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FREE Work on vocabulary and increasing MLU with this easy prep activity. This one is great for any winter/snow theme you may be using!

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Snacking On Words!

Free CVC word mats for the scrabble Cheez its!

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FREEBIE! New blog post on word finding difficulties as well as a FREE parent resource on ways to improve a child's word retrieval abilities!!!

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cardboard squares with notches cut out for building art. got a plethora of cardboard on hand now to do this!

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Winter Music Class has never been SNOW MUCH FUN! You'll find all of your K-6 lesson materials right here for "loads" of learning in resources that offer Kodaly and Orff applications. Original, effective and easy to use with MP3 VOCAL tracks for all songs-SAVE YOUR VOICE!

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Always good to find something different to do with a Tuff Spot. Great for motor skills and also talking about textures and materials. (missamyp)

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