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Finding Roots

One day my love, i hope this mystic thing we have, the wings we had with way too much icarus-tendency will find roots strong enough to get us both down to earth unscratched. Surya Maitreya

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It takes what it takes this is the gospel of truth !!


Trying to find a painless and easier alternative for getting rid of unwanted hair? Our ELôs Motif Technology is a laser hair removal treatment, that destroys hair follicle from the roots and preventing it from growing back again and the best part it's painless. For more information or to schedule a free consultation call us at 305-608-4922 #DrAl #relaxspa #wellness #hairremoval #skincare #aging #miami

For a spiritual aspirant an #eclipse provides an optimal time for spiritual progress and work that is done in the light of selfless service. The darkening of the worldly tendencies dulls our attachment to our ego and will. In the dark of the eclipse we can access with much greater ease the light of pure consciousness that is animating the entire universe. Most of the time the access point to that infinite light is overshadowed by our attachments to the temporal light of the sun our physical…

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to any older followers of mine: are you just paying bills- because that's not life


<< Fue cuando me detuve buscando el hogar dentro de otros y levantado los cimientos del hogar dentro de mí me encontré con que no había raíces más íntimas que las que existen entre una mente y un cuerpo que han decidido ser uno. #Kaur


" I must be an emotional archaeologist because I keep looking for the roots of things, particularly the roots of behavior and why I feel certain ways about certain things." ~ Fred Rogers