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relationship quotes -


first you must be everything you want in a partner. you will attract what you are where you are. if every guy you're with are the same then it's you that needs to change.


Sonya Parker - The wrong person makes you beg for attention, affection, love and commitment. The right person gives you these things because they love you.


He is going nowhere. Real love can't be found everywhere. He knows I care, he knows my worth, he knows I got his back always, he knows we building a future together and me is who he wants to be with and spend his life with so respect that and stop trying to steal love and moments that don't belong to you anyway...take your memories, bury them and move on...find true love somewhere else...he doesn't love you and told me so millions of time when he could just say yes and be free to be with…

92 When will my prince come Achieve complete self love and then your true love will appear in which you can express the immense amount of love you've got!


It's Mark from @createthelove - rocking here on Friday as Vienna soaks in sunshine... We have such urgency with love. To find it to chase it to not lose it to heal it. We want to rush everything and find a shortcut or a hack to find the one. And sometimes I wish it worked that way too sometimes I wish we all met our soul mates at 22 and our lives unfolded exactly as we were told they were supposed to but often thats not true. I got asked recently if With everything you know now would you…