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Summer Math for a Preschool Ice Cream Theme

Ice Cream Numbers - preschool summer math that explores fine motor skills, counting, one-to-one correspondence, and more early math skills

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Valentines Day Sensory Activity in Bowl- This is an invitation to explore a number of skill including fine motors skills and eye and hand coordination.

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Jingle Bell Marble Run Visual Tracking Activity

My kids love this jingle bell marble run visual tracking activity for working on fine motor skills and the sills needed for reading and writing!

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Brain-Building Valentines Activities: Midline Crossing, Fine Motor, Vestibular, Visual Planning

Brian-Building Valentines Activities: Midline Crossing, Fine Motor, Vestibular, Visual Planning |

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Incorporating Fine Motor Skills and Academics

Incorporate fine motor skills into academic learning for your special education students — because who has enough time to focus on just one skill at a time?

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Counting Roses Activity for Valentine's Day

Best Toys 4 Toddlers - simple counting activity with fine motor skill practice: Counting Roses for Valentine's day!

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Loose Parts Play: 32 Invitations

Loose parts come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. They stimulate the imagination and develop fine motor skills in kids of all ages. Set up invitations to play and see the true beauty of childhood innocence come forth while kids explore their prompts.

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"Color the Shapes in the Snowflake" FREE Printable Worksheet!

Help your students become familiar with common shapes while learning color recognition and fine motor skills with this "color the shapes" worksheet!

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"Over, under, over, under" I say to myself as we worked on our latest art…

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