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Fingerprint Heart Tattoos

This will be my first tattoo. Jeremy's fingerprint in glow in the dark ink , just underneath my left collar bone. XOXOX

This would be an awesome tattoo with one half my husband's fingerprint and the other half mine

Want this fingerprint heart tattoo... Omg I'll be able to get each of the girls thumb prints! Although the "criminal" in me I guess lol is Leary of finger prints immortalized forever ;)

As long as I ony had two kids I would get this as a tattoo with their fingerprints and never your husbands as mean as that sounds bc it's the same as getting a guys name, if you break up it's always there reminding you of what you had.

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Arguably best tattoo story I ever heard - my buddy's dad was a Port Authority Officer at the Twin Towers on 9/11. Went into one of them to find a stairwell full of people trapped behind a locked door, janitor next to it dead. Picks up the janitor's key ring (with 100's of keys) and the first one he picks out opens the door.

mother daughter tattoos - fingerprint of each finger made into a heart Jennifer Milsaps L Hall-Cormican

Tattoo Art And Style: This heart is a combo of two fingerprints joining ...

finger tattoos for women | finger print heart tattoo

Fingerprint tattoo over my heart. But in white ink because this one will be mainly for me to see

fingerprint heart tattoo ideas - Google Search

Matching sister fingerprint heart tattoos but I think I would do with my kids' fingerprints instead

Imprint your love on someone this Valentine's Day with sweet red or black heart prints temporary tattoos!

Very cool idea, heart tattoo of you and your loved ones finger prints! I must get this!

My mom and dad fingerprint heart tattoo

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I have a friend who is a Maths Professor. Now I don’t know much about Maths, but his passion for his subject is infectious. Every pore of his being exudes an intensity which is both inspiring and magnetic. The people that leave...

Got my besties fingerprint and she got mine. Same spot #notfreehanded

1) Cool Lock & Key Matching Love Tattoos. 2) Unique Heart Fingerprints Matching Ta

Awesome idea for a tattoo- fingerprint hearts! Gonna get 4 for each of my kids! :)

Fingerprint heart tattoo, could use the kids finger print! Cute!!!

My tattoo, best friend fingerprint and mine. ..

Fingerprint Heart Tattoos 1

African fingerprint-this would be cool to have after a mission trip and the country that has touched your heart

My kid's fingerprints into two hearts tattoo