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CCTV systems (security camera systems) are the most common form of security in public places. CCTV systems can be a controversial subject as not everyone supports the need for security camera surveillance in public places due the fear of personal privacy being invaded. In this regard, do you believe that having a CCTV in public places will help prevent or lessen crimes?


New & Notable: 8 High-Tech Home Security Gadgets


Lol we recently had an unscheduled fire drill...apparently the teachers knew about it but were not supposed to tell the it was ratchet...I'm too lazy to type everything that happened but seriously...dam


One man created a trip-wire alarm out of just a few items found in his junk drawer, and when triggered it can set stuff on fire!

Remote Tripwire Alarm

If you are handy and you want to know. It works for around game trails as well. You can disassemble old fire alarms for high decibel alert systems or use a solar batt and LED to create an indicator.

One time I was reading a book from the class library and the fire alarm went off and I kept hold of the book and pulled my sketch pad and $40 pencils out if my backpack and when we got out to the back of the school parking lot the teacher yelled at me

Halo Smoke Detector - Halo is a smart smoke detector that warns you of smoke, fire, & CO2 levels, plus it provides alerts for natural disaster warnings like earthquakes & tornadoes – even when the internet & TV are out.


Safe Home Security Tips

10 Safe Home Security Tips: Integrate wireless door and window alarms into a home security system. Get the tips:


In station gong for a Gamwell Fire Alarm system. Gamwell has a great history. One found in MCFRS Station 1 still working