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String Curtains - Sparkle White w/Tension Rod

$59.99 White String Curtain 12 Feet Long, 144" White Fringe Curtains, Super Long Curtains, Fire Retardant String Curtains, Fire Resistant Curtains, Commercial String Curtains, White String Curtains 12 Feet Long Fire Rated, White Hanging Backdrops

cool Asbestos Core Fire-Rated Door... Euro Media

Commercial Steel Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, Fire Rated Doors

Richmond Oak 1/2 Hour Fire Rated Door with Raised Mouldings to both sides and Clear Fire Rated Glass

Image of Richmond Oak 1/2 Hour Fire Rated Door, Raised Mouldings both sides - Clear Fire Rated Glass


The 641 model fire-rated counter door is ideal for applications including factories, schools, concessions, hospitals, cafeterias and retail settings. Standard labels available include a 3 hour UL Class A label for masonry applications, or a 1-1/2 hour UL Class B label for non-masonry fire walls

Modern and Colorful Fire rated fiberglass doors: Smooth, Pebble, and Sandstone textures

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Safety without style compromise Throw away the preconception that you have limited design options for fire-rated openings. With hundreds of styles and unlimited custom capabilities, TruStile ensures you will never sacrifice style when selecting 20- through 90-minute fire doors.