"Soaring fire that sways and sings" When speaking of the fire, human qualities are given to it, because she describes it as rhythmically moving and singing.

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Some of the most common abilities are directly connected to emotion, causing powers to activate without direct intention. Different powers are activated by different emotion, and the exact reaction depends on the individual. One very well known example is fire, extreme anger can cause those with this ability to burst into flames. It is so well known because of how shocking it is to bystanders.

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To the flame Phillip Michael's Interpretation: entity entities haunt haunting wicked life dark horror death scary nightmare nightmares creepy protection submissive reality Worship

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"She has both powers. And that makes her incredibly powerful. But..." Keye shifted her feet. "But what?" Adrian pressed. "But it will kill her if it gets the chance." ~ Amethyst

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kintsukuroi : the art of repairing something with gold or silver lacquer understanding that it is more beautiful for having been broken.

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Melody turned around to see a strange girl standing in the doorway. There was a smudge of crimson in her side from what seemed to be a wound.In her hand was a soft, dancing light. Melody gasped softly. There was a long pause. "Who are you?" Melody whispered. An eerie chill filled the air, and Melody waited for an answer. The girl shuffled uncomfortably in the doorway and looked away. Suddenly the girl spoke in a soft whisper. "Apologies. I couldn't find a…

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Eher Logi und weniger Loki... aber trotzdem denke ich, dass Loki ein großer Magier ist und daher auch so etwas zustande bringen würde.

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