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Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong becomes the first astronaut to step onto the lunar surface, July 20, 1969.

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09-04-1959 - On this day, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) introduces America’s first astronauts to the press: Scott Carpenter, L. Gordon Cooper Jr., John H. Glenn Jr., Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Walter Schirra Jr., Alan Shepard Jr., and Donald Slayton. The seven men, all military test pilots, were carefully selected from a group of 32 candidates to take part in Project Mercury, America’s first manned space program. NASA planned to begin manned orbital flights in 1961.

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The Remote Siberian Monument to the First Woman in Space, Who Launched 50 Years Ago Today

Valentina Vladimírovna Tereshkova, ¡mujeres espaciales! La primera ;)

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Former astronaut John Glenn the first American to orbit Earth Marine Corps fighter pilot and United States Senator has died at 95.

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The TIME Vault: 1955

Shepard, Glenn, Slayton, Grissom, Schirra, Cooper, Carpenter. The nation’s first astronauts: the Mercury 7

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Guion Bluford Jr. 1st African American Astronaut (1983)- I didn't even know this! African American Firsts Timeline

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Black History Month: Famous Black Engineers and Scientists

Mae C. Jemison became the first female African-American space traveler in the United States, according to NASA.

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John Glenn, US Marines WWII, Korea, NASA Astronaut, US Senator/.....He served his country in the place they were needed.

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On January 16, 1978, NASA selected the first class with female astronaut candidates: Shannon Lucid, Margaret Rhea Seddon, Kathryn Sullivan, Judy Resnik, Anna Fisher, & Sally Ride. | Photo credit: NASA

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