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Writing Activities for Kindergarten and First Grade - Write from the Start!

Students use the word bank at the bottom of the page to describe what is happening in the picture. Great as a writing center for struggling writers to complete independently!

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Canadian food bank opens first-ever aquaponics farm

Canadian food bank opens first-ever aquaponics farm... Growing leafy greens and fish indoors year-round is a fabulous solution to the lack of fresh food in many urban centers.


The oldest and most populated city of the ancient Assyrian Empire, Nineveh, sat on the eastern bank of the Tigris river. The city is first mentioned about 1800 BC as a center of worship of Ishtar whose cult was responsible for the city's early importance. A statue of the goddess was sent to Amenhotep III, Pharaoh of Egypt in the 14th century BC by orders of the king of Mitanni.


the Nubian black pharaohs: The Meroe Pyramids. / The Kush Kingdom flourished for ca 900 years from around 800 B.C. to 280 A.D. and held power over a vast area covering much of the Nile Delta and as far south as Khartoum. Meroe became very important as the Kingdom's center from around 300 B.C. to 280 A.D. Egyptian influence remained strong and Egyptian artisans were used to build the Meroe Pyramids to commemorate dead royalty. The dead were buried in chambers underneath the pyramids.


Deco Clock, First National Bank Building constructed in 1931 by the First National Bank and Trust Company of Oklahoma City


Original silkscreen concert poster for Furthur at The First Bank Center in Broomfield, CO in 2011. 15 x 22 inches. Numbered 102/300 by the artist Mike DuBois.

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The first licensed store with Clover, beer and wine is in the Ketchum Town Center in Idaho. Local legend Warren Miller’s historic photos are displayed throughout, and a donated photo of local Ernest Hemingway is featured in the meeting room – formerly a bank vault.