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❤ - Antique French Empire mantel clock of Madame Recamier signed Vaillant - Gavin Douglas Antiques

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First Class Staterooms Empire Rooms C-84 and C-65 The Empire Style was created by French architects Charles Percier and Pierre Fontaine during the First French Empire (1804-1815) and was designed to idealize the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. The most famous example of the style can be found in the Arc de Triomphe du Caroussel in Paris. colorized in akvis coloriage

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The Empire Aubusson Rug in the Emperor's bedroom has a circular central medallion on a gold background with large open areas. The motifs are in the neoclassical style of Percier and Fontaine favored by Napoleon. The gold of the Aubusson rug and blue silk fabric are on opposite ends of the color wheel. Image courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

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APH-Familia numerosa- by on @deviantART - It's in my head-canon as well that Antonio fathered (literally - not adopted) a lot of kids in the Americas. As for Francis...the original piece had a lot of people commenting about African colonies, but that was the Second French Empire, in the 19th century. Since this is referencing the First French Empire (i.e. the one that includes Canada), that's a moot point, but I would have liked to see some Caribbean OCs added as well.

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Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, where Emperor Napoleon I and Empress Josephine were crowned during the First French Empire.

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TWO BEAUTIES silver & 14k gold Pearl ring

This beautiful piece of wearable art was designed and crafted by the artist and jewelry designer Sergey Zhiboedov (my husband). The ring was inspired by the style of the First French Empire, the early-19th-century design movement in architecture, furniture, and other decorative arts. It features two draped female figures. Made of sterling silver (the figures and the shank) and 14K yellow gold. Adorned with a genuine freshwater pearl (8.5-9mm diameter).

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"Fashion took its inspiration from the arts in striving for a nude ideal, which brought out the natural beauty of the human form. In women’s fashion it was said, “nakedness dresses woman best." Women wore thin muslin dresses which even today look like nighties.

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King Louis XVIII returned from exile following Napoleon's exile and re-established the French monarchy.

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A French First Empire Paris Porcelain Coffee Service, marked Schoelcher, 1804 For Sale | | Classifieds

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Napoleon's uniforms and epaulets - Napoleon's Grenadiers a Pied uniform/ Center of the Cross of the Légion d'honneur (Legion of Honour) of the First French Empire (Napoleonic Era), 3rd type (awarded between 1806-1808)

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Aquamarine French Empire parure, collection of Napoleon Bonaparte, in its original box.

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First French Empire (Napoleonic Era), 3rd type (awarded between 1806-1808). My Légion d'honneur. :-)

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Peigne Josephine. First French Empire. Gold, silver, amethysts. c. 1825 - 1830. Part of a parure. Source:

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Charlemagne's Kingdom consisted of modern France, Benelux, western Germany, Switzerland, northern and central Italy and northern Spain. Built upon Roman foundations and Merovingian structures, it was the greatest Western European state to exist in the last four centuries.

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The mannequin here wears the typical outfit of a dandy. A dandy was a man during the Empire Period that took special care to his grooming and appearance. Beau Brummel is considered the first dandy.

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Collection of Coral jewelry from the Eighteenth and Nineteeth century | PeterSzuhay

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Aglae. From the exhibition "Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion". Lancaster-Barreto collection.Coat: Camel wool in natural colour. Silk organza collar, pipping and buttons. Pluche de some, imitating fur, France, circa 1808. Mechlin collar lace. Great example of the influence of Napoleon's peninsular war, the troubadour painting and the romanticism. "Manches a la espagnole" Cameo: seashell, enamel, gold. France, first quart of the XIX century. Bag: Marrocain leather, France, circa 1804.

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French first empire eagle of the regiment- presented by Napoleon and carried into battle by the troops.

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Depiction of a military review during the First French Empire in 1810, in front of the Tuileries.