French soldiers with captured Viet Minh, in first Indochina war. ~ Vietnam War

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Vietnam, French soldiers driving jeep past bomb crater during First Indochina War Archive - Asia and Middle East, pin by Paolo Marzioli

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First Indochina war - French force, pin by Paolo Marzioli

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ECPAD | La bataille de Na San dans les archives photographiques de l’ECPAD. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

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First Indochina war, pin by Paolo Marzioli

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July 21 – First Indochina War: The Geneva Conference sends French forces to the south, and Vietnamese forces to the north, of a ceasefire line, and calls for elections to decide the government for all of Vietnam by July 1956. Failure to abide by the terms of the agreement leads to the establishment de facto of regimes of North Vietnam and South Vietnam, and the Vietnam War.

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