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First Night After Marriage

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This 7-Day Romance Challenge Will Jump-Start Your Relationship

Ever encounter a couple in the early stages of lust and think, "Wow, were we ever that touchy-feely?" The answer? Probably! And you can be again. Intense, PDA-inducing feelings can last beyond fabulous first dates, marriage proposals, or intimate getaways. But here's the catch: you have to put some effort into it after you've been in a relationship for awhile. To make sure you don't turn into that couple who sits silently, staring across the table during a date-night dinner, take this fun…


On Saturday David and I celebrated our first year of marriage! We got back in our wedding clothes and ate the top of our cake that has been sitting in our freezer for a year and it was pretttty gross haha it was hilarious. It has been the best year ever.. It is crazy how …


When I was young, I used to think being invisible would be a fabulous super power. I have since changed my mind after being ignored too many times. Deep down, people want to be seen, heard, and loved. Countless women go to bed each night wondering if they will ever feel noticed.


I melt to be close. After being together almost 20 years and married 18. Every touch still feels like the first time.

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soulmate love quotes

You are on my mind 24/7. After 7 years of being in love with you and all the ups and downs, you are on my mind constantly. And you are missed every minute we are apart.

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From the first night we met, it was destined. We were attracted to each other and it was like there was no one else in the room

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40 Free Date Ideas You'll Both Love

40 Free Date Ideas You'll Both Love - bhaha just ask john about his first "mystery date" picnic he planned for me - after i found the location an our later it was so romantic and fun :)


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10 Cheap (or FREE) Dates You'll Actually Want to Go On

10 Cheap (or FREE) Dates You'll Actually Want to Go On — Frugal Debt Free Life - Limitless Life on a Limited Budget