Wow! This list of 102 Different food ideas for babies without teeth is pretty awesome. I didn't know they could eat all that before they got their first tooth! LOL!

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An Origami Coin Kitty, for Rā's first tooth fairy money! 5/25/16

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Snaynyé, lebanese tradition to celebrate the baby’s first tooth out. The word Snaynyé comes from “snen” that means teeth. The mother prepares this traditional sweet once the firs…

Personalized Tooth Fairy Letter in Calligraphy for Child's First Tooth [DIY Inspiration]

Tales from the Earth Silver First Tooth Box This sterling silver tooth fairy is happy to look after your little ones first tooth for years and years. Find a safe place to keep this specialbox and peek into it every so often to remember golden

My son's first tooth cookie

First tooth - nuts

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As per recommendation by dental association child first visit to the dentist when baby attain 1 year, recommended to visit after 6 month of baby first tooth

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First tooth party

Celebration of the baby's first tooth

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