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Fish Hatchery

Fish Hatchery Canyon, Ukiah, Mendocino County. my old stomping grounds..

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Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery

Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery. We go here every year; the kids love to feed the fish.

Kikokuryu are scaleless (doitsu) koi with a white base combined with areas of black inside the single row of scales, along the back outside of the row, and on on the head around the eyes and nose. Kikokuryu are commonly thought to be metallic versions of Kumonryu.


Kin Kikokuryu - Koi Variety Guide | Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery


Kikokuryu Butterflies


Yamabuki Ogon are koi of a solid, metallic-yellow color. | Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery


Goromo - Koi Variety Guide | Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery

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Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery on the Smith River

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Kumonryu | Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery. Probably the most intriguing variety of koi, Kumonryu will completely change their pattern many times throughout their life. They can go anywhere from solid white to solid black, or any conceivable combination in between.


Brown entrance sign at Chattahoochee Forest National Fish Hatchery