Fish Scale Tattoo

fish scales tattoo designs

Koi Fish Scales Tattoo

This is awesome but I dnt have rhe guts to do it

Reveal your inner mermaid with green and teal fish scales. | 32 Cool And Colorful Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Inked

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snake skin-something creepy that has potential to be cool...

� these are the updated version of purushas mermaid pantsfrom 2010! super sexy, fun, and fabulous. adorned with mermaid scales tattoo style around the entire left thigh.

Fish scales tattoo

Metallic fish scale tattoos. #summer

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In case the sea-salt-sprayed hair and pearl accessories didn't clue you in, the metallic fish-scale tattoos will: this model is a mermaid!

Fish scale tattoo | BEBOP tattoo

I got this done at Name Brand Tattoo in Ann Arbor, MI. The artist was Daaron and he was awesome! And I love my tattoo! I’m officially a mermaid now! :)

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Fish scale tattoo

Henna tattoo design. I tried this one on the palm side of a friend's hand and forearm, and added a semicircle radiating stripes and little petals on the wrist flower, expanding the design to the edge of the palm. The detailing was easy (mostly curlicues and "fish scale"), but it was time consuming (~1 hr).

Waves and mermaid scales. amazing.

Sooooo getting fish scales similar to this with the same placement as hers on my left thigh, though. Closest to being a mermaid :D.

Tattoo Fish Scales/Escamas de Pez

35 Amazing Ripped Skin Tattoo Art Designs

Mermaid Fish Scale Tattoo. Not where I want mine but I love the fin detail!!!!