black goldfish. So beautiful. And just to be clear, it is NOT a beta! Ok? For all you people out there who might mistake this fish for a beta its a black goldfish. Thank you for your time.(:

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Jellyfish by shobey1kanoby | re-pin | follow me on twitter ♥.¸¸.•´¯`♠☆ #SaltLife #SouthFloridaH2O

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Large Clown Fish Striped Octopus Sculpture by Trevor Sinnock of Emergent Glassworks.

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According to Taipei Times, researchers from Jy Lin Trading, National Ocean University and Academia Sinica have developed the world's first-ever fluorescent pink angelfish. #LostOcean Colour palette inspiration!

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Yellow tang is a marvelous looking salt water fish. It belongs to the Acanthuridae fish family. This is one of the threatened marine creatures

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