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An old friend taught me this recipe for a great inexpensive bait that will catch eating-size channel catfish better than almost anything. Buy a package of hot dogs. (The cheapest brands work great.) Cut them into bite-sized pieces. Put the pieces in a zip-seal plastic bag. Add two or three heaping tablespoons of chopped garlic and one package of unsweetened strawberry Kool-Aid. Add enough water to fill the bag about halfway full, zip shut and refrigerate overnight. Put a piece of hot dog on…


Best Catfishing Baits - Chicken Liver


This is a great way to make your chicken liver (or other catfish bait) indestructible. You'll never lose anymore chicken liver while casting or from small fish stealing it. The stinger rig and Surgitube gauze make a bulletproof combination when fishing for catfish with chicken liver. A special thanks to Steve Douglas of for the idea behind this rig. For more great catfishing tips and tricks check out


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A Fisherman's Guide to Catching Catfish in Lakes

It is no surprise that we humans love our fish. We have been eating fish as part of our diet for more than five million years. Today, there are hundreds of different varieties of fish and even more ways to prepare them, making fish nearly irresistible for a seafood connoisseur.


Make Drifting Catfish Juglines For Jug Fishing For Catfish

Free Floating Juglines


Here’s a great catfish bait you can keep secret from your friends that requires no mixing, stirring or gagging. Buy a bottle of anise extract, which smells like licorice, in the spice and extract section of your supermarket. All catfish love this stuff. When you get to the lake or river, pour a little in a plastic container and drop in a sponge hook. Let the sponge absorb the extract, then cast it to a spot where a hungry catfish is likely to be waiting for dinner. Grip your rod tightly. If…