We're weighing the pros and cons of bait versus lure fishing!

How to Filet a Fish

Find out which fishing line to use at different depths, and more with our line guide!

Bass are predictable and easy to target in the summer months. Comprehending their behavior and understanding how to target them are key to catching bass all season long.

Learn how to fish in the summer by time of day and by depth | Iowa DNR

Great idea. Remove bottle to relieve yourself.

Cute handpainted hook and fishing quote on an upcycled by MyCRO, $30.00 for Ben.

These knots, all 40 of them, will add a lot to your knowledge rank. All outdoorsmen should know these.

This is a great idea to practice and teach our children if you don't need to eat it set it free unharmed | A Guide to Catch and Release Fishing | Fix.com

Simple Knot O_O

How to pick your lure color for Bass Fishing, Saugeye Fishing, Walleye Fishing, or Crappie Fishing according to water clarity. SO helpful! www.bigjoshyswimbaits.com

Jigs work great for short casts, pitches, and flips! Try fishing with jigs and trailers on your next bass fishing excursion.

Homemade live well - laundry basket, pool noodle, zip ties. - Another great idea. Wonder how it would track behind my kayak? Will build one and test since it would only cost about $5 to build.

I like the idea . It would really look good with a couple mounts of your favorite fish species . Crappie , Largemouth , Smallmouth , Hybrid Stripper , white bass , or several species of trout. it would also look good to with several vintage lures .

Worms are a great bait for catching fish but buying box after box can add up to a lot of wasted money. This will be a step by step easy to follow guide that will show you how to make your own worm farm.

freshwater fish - At least I can pull this up on my phone to compare now and not look silly walking around the boat launch asking "hey, what's this".

Bottle cap fishing lures {handmade christmas presents for me...

Wire shelving into rack for fishing poles! (from 18 life-changing storage ideas)

Every girl loves when a boy softly whispers in her ear those three magic words... Let's Go Fishing!!

Whenever I get Engaged this is happening, regardless I would never marry someone who didn't LOVE fishing

Nautical Hook Bracelet by UGotHooked on Etsy. A portion of the sale will be donated to help rebuild the Jersey Shore and surrounding communities that have been damaged by Hurricane Sandy. $20

MIND BLOWN! Grill fish on pineapple skin plank! Such a great idea! #cleaneating

Get big results from even the littlest of ponds with these small-pond fishing tips! #fishing

‎"Put sinkers in old Tic-Tac containers. The flip-top aids in dispensing them." - Tip from North American Fishing Club Member Owen Bucher from Harleysville, PA