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How to Fish Like a Redneck | 26 secret fishing tips you'll want to know for this summer! #survivallife

  • Outdoors Activities

    Here you get several tips that will assist you in your pursuit of catching fish. As a matter of fact these information, when practiced, will help you take more fish than you ever thinking possible. Take a look over it. http://outdoorsactivities.c...

  • The Outdoor Generation

    Great ideas! Thank you. I especially love the idea of putting my hooks on a safety pin. It seems so obvious!

Gut a fish? Here's a great trick to get the hook out with minimal damage and harm caused to the fish. Good luck, tight lines! Daily Fishing Trips Private Charters and more ! Sailing from the Famous Nautical Mile, Freeport New York

  • Cristina Jenny

    You shouldn’t be left out when your friends goes fishing because you do not have a Spinning Combo. Purchasing a fishing rod and reel is usually costly proposition but with your spinning combo coming from Daiwa, Master, or Shakespeare you possibly can go fishing. These rods and reels combos are great for the beginning fisher on the budget. I’m just going to tell you about the Best Spinning Combo. Read full details. http://outdoorsactivities.c...

  • Outdoors Activities

    Here you get several tips that will assist you in your pursuit of catching fish. As a matter of fact these information, when practiced, will help you take more fish than you ever thinking possible. Take a look over it. http://outdoorsactivities.c...

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    Thanks for sharing!

  • Best Spinning Reels

    I should make a shirt like that!

This is how Grandpa taught me how to tie on a hook or lure. Don't forget to spit on the bait for good luck!

  • Robert Enders Jr

    Once the ice breaks, I will be trying it out. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Richard Nagel

    Robert - It works on any type of line. I've used it on 6 & 12lb mono and 50lb Power Pro braid. The only thing specfic about this is to use it with the Rapala style lures.. cranks, jerks, etc. If you use this to tie on a standard hook or an in-line worm hook for soft plastics, the loose knot will make it harder to feel the littler bumps and nibbles. Like they say, it's all about Tight Lines!! Good Luck!

  • Robert Enders Jr

    Is this knot recommended for any specific type of line? Looks pretty easy to tie and would be better than using snap swivels on the nose of the bait.

  • Jack Burke

    Yes, always wet the knot before tightening.

  • Southern Fin Apparel

    Wow. Thats interesting!

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An old friend taught me this recipe for a great inexpensive bait that will catch eating-size channel catfish better than almost anything. Buy a package of hot dogs. (The cheapest brands work great.) Cut them into bite-sized pieces. Put the pieces in a zip-seal plastic bag. Add two or three heaping tablespoons of chopped garlic and one package of unsweetened strawberry Kool-Aid. Add enough water to fill the bag about halfway full, zip shut and refrigerate overnight. Put a piece of hot dog on your

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This is an EXCELLENT and easy to learn skill! My mom used to fry fish whole, and this often left them RAW in the thickest parts---YUCK! How to filet a fish.

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Gotta get Max one of these for measuring real and imaginary catches! Fish measuring shirt. Nature Boy Designs

How to Attract More Fish with Aluminum Foil

10 Worm Fishing Secrets You May Not Know

10 Tips for Fishing with Kids- Ways to make your fishing trip a fun success- even with younger kids!

  • Dan Kenyon

    Nice tips, I can always learn something new for my Daddy Daughter fishing expedition.

How to Remove a Fish Hook and Treat the Injury Survival blogger Tim MacWelch explains the steps you need to take when a fish hook ends up in the wrong spot. (GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING) Photo Gallery by Tim MacWelch

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Before you drop that beer can or beer bottle in the recycling bin, think about its potential. From furniture to usable products to pieces of art, beer cans and bottles get a second life in these inventive creations.

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How to Pull a Fish Hook from Your Finger in 10 Steps: this might come in handy next weekend at Fin and Fun!

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Oh the possibilites with one of these........Mokai boats are designed,engineered, and manufactured in the U.S. The Mokai is essentially a jet propelled kayak. It comes with a removable 4 stroke Subaru engine. The average speed is 15-17 mph. This thing will get you to fishing spots no one else can get to. Check out the video to see it in action.

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Most fishing gear is good enough right out of the box--if you're a fisherman who is just good enough. Here are 10 modifications that will take your rods, reels and lures to the next level.

You can save a fish with bleeding gills by pouring Coke on them...little for it...lots for me, well, only if Diet coke with lime ;)

Grog's index of fishing knots : Move the mouse over each knot. Look at the description to find out what it can be used for. Click on the knot you wish to see. On the new page wait until the selected knot starts to tie itself.

10 Rules for Kayak Fishing Posted by Chris Payne Labels: 10 rules for kayak fishing, advice, Chris Payne, have fun, kayak fishing, paynespad...

How to pick your lure color for Bass Fishing, Saugeye Fishing, Walleye Fishing, or Crappie Fishing according to water clarity. SO helpful! www.bigjoshyswimb...