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from Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris

Five Ways to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills before Kindergarten

Kindergarten is quickly approaching for two of the Harris grandchildren. My son happens to be one of them. Watch out, KINDERGARTEN!!! We’ve been learning our letters, practicing cutting, and even writing our name, but I’ve noticed that my son’s fingers seem to still be a little weak. Knowing what I do about the rigor in …


Five Little Turkeys Five little Turkeys by the front door,(hold up 5 fingers) One waddled off,and then there were four (put one finger down) Four little Turkeys out                             under a tree,                             one waddled off and then                             there were three (put                             another finger down)                            Three little Turkeys with                            nothing to do,                             one waddled…


Enjoy the Five Little Pumpkins finger play with your child even more when you craft these Five Little Pumpkin finger play gloves.