Morality, concentration and wisdom ~ Sayadaw U. Pandita We do not practice meditation to gain admiration from anyone. Rather, we practice to contribute to peace in the world. We try to follow the teachings of the Buddha, and take the instructions of trustworthy teachers, in hopes that we too can reach the Buddha’s state of purity. Having realized this purity within ourselves, we can inspire others and share this Dhamma, this truth. The Buddha’s teachings can…

Buddhism - The Five Precepts (a positive and more modern translation, especially good for the kids.)

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Leading a Buddhist Life and the Five Precepts

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‘PANCHA SHRADDHA’ or the five precepts constitute the five basic Vedic beliefs. By teaching these to sons and daughters, parents worldwide pass on the Sanatana Dharma to their children.

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Five Precepts of Buddhist Lay practice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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