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Cleaning scratched dvds/cds/games with kid's crest toothpaste. Buffs the scratches out so your dvd won't skip anymore. I have tried several things on pinterest that haven't worked but I followed these instructions and my dvd works great!


Magic Eraser (any brand) for resurfacing DVDs! Hear me, people. This fixes scratched/ skipping CDs and DVDs. Using a damp magic eraser, work from middle to edge, then following the curve of the DVD. (You're scuffing down the surface to the level of the scratch.) Reclaimed my fave workout vid from the rubbish bin. Yay. Now I have *no* excuse not to sweat.

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One pinner WORKS! It's like a little miracle and we've already repaired a bunch of movies that have been loved (practically to death) by the kids and watched over and over. Seriously - don't throw away another DVD until you've tried this...

Peanut buttery fix for scratched DVDs. I just tried this on a DVD that was long gone, so I wasn't worried about it. Rubbed some peanutbutter on Doc McStuffins, buffed it all off with tissue and boom, played like a charm!