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Oman Culture Map Printable

'O' is for Oman with this free alphabetical countries download from KidsPressMagazine! #geography #Oman #AsianCountries


The national flag of Oman was introduced in 1970 when Sultan Qaboos ousted his father and began modernizing the Gulf Nation. Before 1970 the flag was pure red. The white (standing for peace) and green (standing for the Green Mountains of the north) were added to the field and the national emblem was added to the canton. It is a curved dagger fastened over a pair of crossed swords by an ornate horsebit.


The flag of Oman was officially adopted on April 25, 1995. Colors of the flag are symbolic, with green representing fertility; white represents peace, and this shade of red is common on many regional flags. The national emblem, a (Khanjar Dagger), is displayed upper-left. The dagger and its sheath are superimposed on two crossed swords in scabbards.


3dRose Flag of Oman, Double Toggle Switch