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Flavor kombucha

Continuous Brew Kombucha (Step-By-Step & How-To)

How to get started with your own Continuous Brew Kombucha system. Create your own flavors (4 ideas in this post) and save over 90% by not buying store-bought bottles every day. #kombucha #ferment

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Homemade Fruit-Flavored Kombucha

How to Flavor Homemade Kombucha with Fruit - mango ginger and strawberry pineapple flavors (healthy, probiotics, fermented tea drink, easy recipe) -

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When it comes to flavoring kombucha, the sky’s the limit, with the exception of a few ingredients that have the potential to damage your SCOBY (the Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast the does the work of fermenting sweet black tea into the tart-sweet probiotic kombucha brew). Although some people [...]

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10 Favorite Kombucha Flavorings

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HOW-TO VIDEO: Flavoring & Bottling Kombucha Tea

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