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The 23 Best Things About "Bones"

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Watch flesh-eating beetles strip this body down to the bone

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Museums use flesh-eating beetles to clean their specimens because they can remove all the flesh from fragile bones without damaging them. Note to self: avoid flesh-eating beetles


An Inside Look at Pitcher Plants A pitcher plants work seems simple: their tube-shaped leaves catch and hold rainwater, which drowns the ants, beetles, and flies that stumble in. But the rainwater inside a pitcher plant is not just a malevolent dunking pool. It also hosts a complex system of aquatic life, including wriggling mosquito, flesh fly, and midge larvae; mites; rotifers; copepods; nematodes; and multicellular algae. These tiny organisms are crucial to the pitcher plants ab

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Secret Museum Rooms: The Hidden Homes of Ancient Erotica, Sacred Objects, and Flesh-Eating Beetles

Museum curators and caretakers work hard to make their buildings and collections inviting and accessible, but a lot goes on behind the scenes to keep these...

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