To prevent injury, improve exercise form and make your workouts more effective, it's important that you warm up properly before exercising. Try this set of dynamic warm up exercises next time you want to prepare your muscles, tendons and joints for additional strength training.

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Stretch your entire body with this set of flexibility exercises. A static stretching routine to improve joint range of motion and stretch muscles and tendons.

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Pilates flexibility exercises, because someday I want to be that freak in my yoga class that can turn into a she-pretzel

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Your Post Workout Routine Needs This One Supplement Having sore muscles after an intense workout is very common, especially for…

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Thirty Day Stretch Challenge! Do each of these poses for 1-5 minutes each day to increase flexibility! *Results may vary* Pictures from

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According to, flexibility is a vital element of physical fitness that everyone should work on. It’s something that you can benefit from now as a pageant competitor and later on in life as your body starts to age. Stretching is also a great way for you to wind down after your workout and relax your tired muscles. If you’re ready to start increasing your flexibility, then add these eight relaxing yoga moves into your post workout routine at least three times a week. You’ll…

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