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MUJI Pop-Up / flexible display. Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, 2014. Murray Barker. timber. Tasmanian Oak dowel screen + pegs. Plywood shelving.

from Leibal

Aeru Meguro

The cabinet has eight tiers at different levels and revolves around a pivot like a folding fan. The cabinet changes form according to the occasion, e.g. it can be used to display products, or it can be used as a desk and bench.

from Designbuzz

Flex your chatter with flexible display cellphone concepts

Flexible displays for cellphones are something that most of us have read about. However, we do not completely understand what they are. But who cares? They look really cool and straight out of a sci-fi movie. Flexible displays are slated to be used on tho

Polyera, a company founded ten years ago has finally unveiled their ground breaking innovation: Wove Band. With a vision to break the limitations that traditional electronic materials and components imposed on product design, this company introduces you to flexible displays.

Apple flexible display concept is a new vision of the Apple future devices with flexible display


Video: Check Out Xiaomi’s Flexible Display In Action #android #google #smartphones