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Flightless Birds of New Zealand and Australia

Flightless Birds of New Zealand and Australia. Scientists also believe that flightless birds on islands like Australia and New Zealand evolved because they had little reasons to escape flying because there were few predators. These birds developed short wings, great running or swimming skills, and special defenses like large toe claws.

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What Birds Don't Fly? Get the Complete Flightless Bird List!

List of flightless birds, including a discussion of why birds become flightless and how they adapt, as well as the dangers of being flightless. Species list includes endangered and threatened designations.


Examples of flightless birds are kakapos, kiwis, takahes and ostriches. Learn fun facts about some of the flightless birds here:

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Sweet Dee, the Big, Flightless Bird (5x10 print)

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Why Fly? Flightless Bird Mystery Solved, Say Evolutionary Scientists

Why Fly? Flightless Bird Mystery Solved, Say Evolutionary Scientists | National Geographic


Cassowary. Flightless Bird. Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius). Dangerous bird when provoked - has attacked and killed people. Tropical Rainforest, North Queensland, Australia. Rare and endangered. Protected species.

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Penguin profiles: 10 fascinating flightless birds

These animals have spent millions of years fine-tuning their fur, skin and scales just so predators -- including people -- can't find them. See if you can outsm