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NYC Flood Map Appeal Proves Flood Map "Methodology" is Flawed - BFE too high by over 2 feet - Stop FEMA Now

from NBC News

FBI Investigates FEMA Flood Map Changes After NBC News Report

Image: A map shows 530 waterfront properties that have been moved out of the highest-risk flood zones.

FEMA Knew Flood Maps Left NYC Unprepared for Sandy - When Patrice and Philip Morgan bought a house near the ocean in Brooklyn, they were not particularly worried about the threat of flooding. Federal maps showed their home was outside the area at a high risk of flood damage. For that reason, the government did not require them to buy flood insurance, a cost imposed on neighbors on more vulnerable blocks.


UK flood maps reveal lost Roman roads. Aerial flood maps of Britain are revealing more than just at-risk regions - they have also led to the discovery of several Roman roads. Maps of the UK, designed to detect the regions most at risk of flooding, are also helping amateur archaeologists to unearth previously undiscovered Roman roads. Pictured, file image of archaeologists at the ruins of a Roman site in Colchester [Credit: PA]

from WIRED

How Climate Change Will Redraw Louisiana’s Flood Maps

Rebuilding after events like Louisiana's floods will take insurance that actually reflects the increasing risks of climate change. The post...


Outdated FEMA Flood Maps Don't Account For Climate Change

Flood managers suspect August's big rainstorms and floods in Louisiana are becoming more common there and elsewhere because of climate change. One clue: Much of the damage was beyond the flood plain.