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Rain Garden Collaborating with Sherwood Design Engineers, site drainage was integrated early into the architecture and landscape design. Seasonal rains are managed onsite through multiple rain gardens which collect and control storm water runoff from the roof, decks, and pool terrace. This system decreases on site erosion and possible flooding to the city’s drainage downstream from the project site.

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The Nuts and Bolts: One-Size-Fits-All Flood Protection System Launches Crowdfunding Campaign |

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Tokyo's gigantic flood prevention system

View the Tokyo's gigantic flood prevention system photo gallery on Yahoo News. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

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758 - ...Before that, Splinter did his best, but they were often sick, hungry, and uncomfortable. Donnie’s the one who read up on aquaculture and set up the worm-and-algae farm, added air filters and purifiers, humidity controls, proper drainage and flood prevention, adequate heat and air conditioning, security systems…. They don’t say it nearly enough, but Donnie pretty much engineered their entire way of life.

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30+ mysterious caves, a deep walk into the heart of the earth

Sun shining into the entrance to the Khao Luang Cave temple, Phetchaburi, Thailand. | © Craig Ferguson

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Quick Dry Flood Barrier - $34.99 2/$60 The Flood Barrier is ready to use - no sand, labor or mess - just add water. Super absorbent powder inside swells, gels & creates a barrier. Stack multiple barriers to quickly build a retaining wall. Lay across driveways, in front of garage doors or in the path of problem water. Compact & lightweight for storing & carrying. Barrier naturally decomposes over time. Not for salt water flooding. 5 feet long. Re-usable. Made in USA.

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Downspout runoff can cause flooding around the foundation of your house and lead to foundation damage and wood rot. These common problems can be prevented and fixed with a NDS catch basin set under the downspout to catch the water and divert it away from the foundation of your home. Check it out here!

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Why is Polyface Farm so successful? How Joel Salatin creates self-generating, profitable enterprises

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