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New Flow Battery Offers Lower-Cost Energy Storage | Energy storage system owners could see significant savings from a new flow battery technology that is projected to cost 60 percent less than today's standard flow batteries. The organic aqueous flow battery, described in a paper published in the journal Advanced Energy Materials, is expected to cost $180 per kilowatt-hour once the technology is fully developed. [The Future of Batteries:]

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The Chemistry Behind The Battery That Could Outperform Tesla's Powerwall

Michael Aziz and flow battery # Michael Aziz (pictured) and coworkers have announced improvements to flow battery technology they reported in 2014. (Credit: Eliza Grinnell/Harvard SEAS Communications) SEP 24, 2015 @ 02:02 PM

Iron-Chromium Flow Battery Aims to Replace Gas Plants ...The four round structures pictured above may look like grain silos but they're actually giant flow batteries. They're part of a demonstration plant going online this week, and proponents say it could represent the future of long-duration energy storage on the electric grid...


Proton flow battery advances hydrogen power. The proton flow battery concept eliminates the need for the production, storage and recovery of hydrogen gas, which currently limit the efficiency of conventional hydrogen-based electrical energy storage systems. The concept integrates a metal hydride storage electrode into a reversible proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell.

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Battery Advance Could Help Solve Renewable Energy Intermittency

New Battery Material Could Help Wind and Solar Power Go Big Low-cost materials could make storing hours of power from a wind farm economical...


A group of researchers at MIT has designed a cheap and high-performance membraneless flow battery, that could provide the grid infrastructure to help unpredictable wind and solar energy produce a much higher portion of our energy needs.