Flying type weakness

This is my gyarados, leviathan. I call him Levi for short, though. He may have extreme rage, but he is gentle with me. I had him ever since he was a magikarp. I told him that he wasn't weak, but very strong in both body, mind, and will. And I meant it. Wanting to protect me from harm is what caused him to evolve. He is very overprotective, but that's because he loves me so much.

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ENTJ Weaknesses. They are not common to all ENTJ, but know all your aspects, good and bad.

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Zapdos! The electric legendary bird… I’ve always wondered about complementary types. Flying-types are weak to Electric… So shouldn’t the Flying type be immune or something? It conducts, nay generates electricity. As for the ongoing discussion of...

Nick Jonas on Flying the Diabetes Flag High! An exclusive interview with multiplatinum singer, songwriter, actor, and type 1

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