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from NASA

Looks to Go Beyond Batteries for Space Exploration

Fly wheels, such as the NASA G2 flywheel module above, are one way to store rotational energy for use by spacecraft or machines on Earth. NASA’s looking for new energy storage systems to enable our future exploration missions. Image Credit: NASA


Perpetual Solar Flywheel Energy Storage by Energiestro by Francois Moyet — Kickstarter. Go off-grid with your own mini-power plant! Our Solar Flywheel stores your solar energy to provide clean, uninterrupted power.


New record brings superconductors closer to the mainstream A new high-temperature superconductor can trap a record magnetic field of 17.6 Tesla, in an advance that could bring us closer to cheaper maglev and vacuum trains, better electric grids, and flywheel energy storage


Temporal Power designs, manufactures and services high-performance flywheel energy storage systems with the goal of more efficiently integrating renewable resources such as solar and wind power into the power system.