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The purrfect Halloween décor for your front door or spooky tree. This black cat wreath is super simple to make. All you need is a foam circle, glitter foam, pipe cleaners and ribbon. Start by wrapping the ribbon around the foam circle until completely covered and glue the ends in place. Add the rest of the cat face with your glitter foam & pipe cleaners!


Our Foam Fusion is the ultimate EPS foam glue! It permeates the foam and bonds around its cells. Other glues containing solvents will dissolve foam over time, but our formula is solvent-free. Our glue is not affected by heat or cold as with glue guns. It works with most rigid foams including Styrofoam, and many soft foams. Foam Fusion bonds foam to almost any porous surface and is easy to apply - simply squeeze or brush on. Plus, Hot Wire Foam Factory tools will cut through this glue.


Eva foam bracers tutorial *sorry for my english if any errors* My page: www.facebook,com/m.cosplay Use plastic wrap to cover the area you want to take out the pattern from. Then cover it with tape. Cute it and paste the pattern to paper. (I always add lil bit extra in the sides in this case added left, right and bot) Paste them to Eva foam and cut it. Add details with foamy (borders) and glue everything. The small cut you see in the back its because that way I can Fit my fist with no ...


Craft foam thigh armor 1. Wrap your thigh with plastic paper and the with masking tape. Draw the patterns. 2. Make a line in the mid back ...


The ultimate EPS foam glue! It is stronger than any other foam glue, resulting in permanent, weatherproof bonds. It bonds to most porous surfaces - simply brush on. It is our unique, solvent-free formula with easy water cleanup. All at a better price than other, inferior glues!


Basic walkthrough: Use heavy gauge wire and bent it to my liking. Then take 1 inch strips of crafty foam and super glue to wrap the wire now it looks like wing bones. Next lay wire structure down on some more craft foam, glue it, cut it out, and bent it to give some definition. Finally attach the little horns made out of clay and take some puffy paint to fill in gaps/ give it some texture.then spray it with some matte spray paint to seal everything, then paint with black/purple…